1- Edison, New Jersey. Home of OAK TREE ROAD where you can run into (insert indian name here)'s cash and carry 10 times on a span of one mile.
2- John P Stevens High School
Person 1- Yoooo i was just in e-town the other day!
Person 2- OH. did you see that they were having the india day parade?! that shit was crazy. allll the Bollywood stars were there!
Person 1- No broski, i was visiting JP Stevens High School... my parents want me to go there because everyone there is crazy about grades, the classes are ridiculously hard, and they're mad smart... all indians go there. oriental asians as well!
by whitegirlatJPS July 27, 2009
Country that wins olympic medals at the only sport that matters anymore in the real world. (shooting)
Whoa, that indian guy from india can shoot a rifle well.
by Jack the Rippist August 11, 2008
Beautiful landscapes, oldest history, best culture and a varied heritage, land of sages, intellects, and leaders!
Lord forgive them for they know not what they say!
by peace on earth September 04, 2003
The Land of the Free
The Home of the Brave

.. or so they say. India has its share of cheerleaders and apologists the world over, all praising this nation as the next superpower and savior of the next millenium. All this flies in the face of intelligent thought. India is a backward state that is void of anything remotely democratic. India has a caste system thats widely practiced, from the political sphere, to economic and social life. Rendering any notion of a India being a democratic state irrelevant and farcical. India moreover has the world's largest illiterate population. For all the outsourcing and jobs that end up in India, the vast majority are labor occupations that a handicapped chimpanzee could do, this outsourcing is falsely portrayed by Indians and their supporters as evidence of India's growing literate and capable populace.
In reference to Pakistan, India has an army ten times the size of its opponent, its annual defence expenditure dwarfs that of Pakistan, its European and American support would in any other universe ensure that India could at any moment walk all over Pakistan and teach its people a lesson in Hindi chutzpah. This however, isnt the case. India for all its might is unable to punish the Pakistanis militarily. It is unable to secure a little province known as Kashmir from the Pakistanis who routinely send in guerillas to devastate the Indian military.

India for all its claim to significance is as irrelevant as Fiji. India's claim to historical relevance was fashioned first by the Arabs, then the European invaders. India is entitled to bask in its morally void caste system as long as they continue to persecute and burn Muslims, anything to satisfy their Republican - see Nazi donors in America and Europe.
India will someday be the worlds largest democracy, but not as long as the caste system exists among its people.
Vive le Untouchables!
by Franz Fanon May 19, 2005
The best motherfuckin country in the whole world w/ the hottest women, great music, and a bitch of a country
India is much better than the United States or China
by You wish April 24, 2005

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