One of the most beautiful places i have been to, behind the overcrowded cities, one of the most relaxing, calming countries.
India was one of the first civilizations
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
Currently the world's largest democracy. Despite the world's narrow outlook on India, its economy is flourishing, and has surpassed the United States'; and it is now beating China's. India is a culturally (and spiritually) rich and diverse land full of open-minded and intelligent individuals, but because of the increase in population these good qualities are often overlooked by the media and by others.
"I'm traveling to India for a few weeks, would you like me to bring you back some hand-painted silk handicrafts?"
by lotus29 July 03, 2006
Imagine a country surrounded by BOTH landmasses AND water bodies, a terrain range of plateaus, mountains, valleys, beaches, cliffs, fertile plains and rapidly blossoming cityscapes. A country from where any of its 365/366 sunsets in a year are lens-worthy.with an inexpensive currency exchange rate. Imagine an ethnic diversity spread over 28 states and 7 union territories.

A country which does not just tolerate race and religion, but accounts for it. A country with the richest heritage and longest history. The most beautiful people.
A country with the most striking, imaginary, impossibly amazing art and architecture.

-POOF- Dream come true. There wasn't any need to imagine it,

India existed long before.


I am Indian, and I am not afraid/ashamed to say so. Now, why would I be, considering my country is like, the most awesomest country in the whole wide world...?


Synonym for awesome
Blue passports totally rock.
I have a blue passport


"I bet that Pakistani hater on youtube who supports Britain would get totally owned if I told him/her that if not for the British, he would be living in a way better country by now"


India is so India!!


India has the largest democracy in the world

by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf September 28, 2010
A definition on where the majority of definitions follow the simple format of "smelly, curry-munchers, outsourced, backward" (tsk tsk)

India is a federal republic which officially gained independence in 1947. No, the British didn't leave because India was worthless(a fact: 80% of the income of the Empire came from India), they left because Indians used mainly non-violent means to assert their claims to freedom.

The largest liberal democracy in the world (population-wise)
with the 3rd largest military force in the world. They've had territorial disputes with Pakistan throughout the year and noooo, they didn't meet their Vietnam w/Pakistan as the 1971 war showed (15 days for the Indian military to decisively defeat Pakistan)

A prime destination for the outsourcing of high-tech, skilled jobs. Wanna know why companies outsource? Mainly since India has a massive labor pool of skilled and educated professionals. Ya think if those gosh-darned Amerikanets had an inkling of intellectual thought, that their jobs would stay there rather than be shipped off?
Also the 3rd largest economy in the world and wait, there's more; the 2nd fastest, growing economy in the world emphasising exports of financial and technological services. Kudos to them I say.

A country with a diverse population, mainly identifying themselves as Hindu. By the way, its only certain Hindu sects that drink cow urine for medicinal purposes, not the entire population! The same stereotype can be applied to Americans: they're bible-thumping cowboys who lynch negroes for sport because a miniscule percentage of them wear white hoods.

Sure, they've got their problems of poverty and health but these have improved greatly. Modern-day India is quite a young country (compared to other democracies) and they've managed to accomplish quite a bit even after decades of oppression.
The nineteenth-century British historian, Grant Duff, claimed that "Many of the advances in the sciences that we consider today to have been made in Europe were in fact made in India centuries ago."
by axelone January 14, 2007
india ia Amazing, beautiful , elegant, godess, loveable
india is amazing
by JEZZAKYLE!1234 March 18, 2011
It's a lovable country full of good people.
It's a lovable country full of good people. (India)
by 5sandy786 March 28, 2011
a place where all white people stupidly think all asians are from, when really they're from pakistan or sri lanka, bangladesh, lebanon, laos, japan, china, korea etc.....
White guy: u asian init?

asian guy: yeah

white guy: ure indian then?

Asian guy: *Shoots him dead*
by poliko September 07, 2006

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