A name for a beautiful girl. Fun to be around. Smart. Can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Is an angel until you piss her off then she'll become a devil. Loving. Loyal. Therapist. A become the best girlfriend and mother. If she ain't but your side you're crazy.
John: I was having a bad day.
Bobby: Well why aee you happy now.
John: I talked to India about it.
by thatgurllllll** March 09, 2014
Just like India a girl name india is one of a kind she is a tall beautiful amazing girl with amazing curly hair who brings a smile to my face just from seeing her name a girl that makes my heart skip a beat when i see her or hear someone say her name shes the sweetest girl but dont mess with her because shell turn sour real quick shes funny a little slow but what can i say shes my princess and i love her to the death of me
Shes so india unique oneofakind
by Yourlove20 July 14, 2014
A very good country, i, a paki, admire it a lot, and those people who say shit about india are just faggots. Pakistan and india should be tight, we share so much similarities.
indian = freinds :)
paki = freinds :)
by fuck u tooo July 27, 2006
A place where people will do for $3.00 an hour a job an american won't do for $10.00
Dude #1:"Man, all those bastards from India are stealing all our jobs!"
Dude #2:"There's always McDonalds..."
by RestedMind1 December 08, 2005
The baddest bitch you will ever see, shes popular, and you may have seen her on instagram, and she is very positive and kind. She also will go from 0 to a 100 real quick, so watch your back. But other than that shes amazing.
John:"i needed someone to talk to so i called india"
by Iniyzah July 03, 2016
Is a girls name, she is the prettiest, most popular girl around, others want to be like her, she is arty and creative and is a classic high school goddess, boys stop and stare whenever India goes passed, girls copy her style in order to get her attention, she is forgiving but can be bossy coz she knows who's boss but she loves everyone around her. She has big boobs and long legs and thick hair that dances in the wind, she is a perfectionist, but who isn't at times? India will go far in life.
-"have you met India?"
-"she is stunning"
~"India, sounds sexy"
by Ivy_aroura July 12, 2016
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