A country that worships cows instead of Mcdonald's.
For every McDonald’s created, there is a cow in India being worshiped.

A country that is strongly against child labour.

Where telemarketers are born.
by REVOLV3R November 04, 2007
A lot of definitions seem to arise from hate filled and jealous pakistanis.

India is longest living civilisation of the world--the civilisation which gave world's first university, mathematics and medicine--

Its coming up--watch out
20 years and it will be right on top.
12% of scientists in the US are Indians
38% of doctors(physicians, dentists, PhDs, etc) in America are Indian.
36% of NASA scientists are Indians.
34% of Microsoft employees are Indians.
28% of IBM employees are Indians.
17% of INTEL scientists are Indians.
13% of XEROX employees are Indians.
by Indian_Pride January 26, 2007
A country whose population will be 90% male in a 100 years due to sex-selective infanticide.
The midwife came to the indian household and helped the wife give birth. After finding out the baby was a she, she turned it upside down, gave it a quick jerk, snapped its spinal column and declared it stillborn. The parents were relieved because now they don't have to pay dowry in 15 years time.

I don't hate India I am just horrified by this practice. I don't care if the economy is growing like mad, an all-male country with no females has no future.
by InsiderKnowledge May 11, 2007
A country located in south Asia,

It is also called biggest democracy of the world , some places in India are like of U.S ( partially ) and some are like Somalia (more than that) . Most of the Indian have "over attitude sickness " and think India is next super power. When ever they find anti-India stuff they fill that page with face of India like , have xx Armies, xx Economy but don't mention it is the country having largest number of prostitutes and country having largest number of slum. In India you can piss or shit anywhere it like a open toilet and it is normal there.

Indians are infamous for being hypocrites and racist, they have killed many muslims,sikh,Nepalese origins in India. They claim Taj Mahal is a hindu temple ( in fact it was built by muslim king and not a Hindu temple) and Buddha was born in India ( Buddha was born in Nepal ) . They can be characterized as turds,ass hole <insert slang here> . They are irritating,stubborn and have behavior of being "ME ME ME". India is solely responsible for dividing Pakistan and Bangladesh. Expansionism is they 1st point of their so called democracy ( hypocrisy ).
Indian guy after reading above fact,
Indian Guy: You are such a stupid guy, do you know india is ..
<insert some stupid infos of India> and next superpower of the word, you guys are so jealous of our progress.

Guy that is not Indian: Fuck off jerk, its a waste talking to you.
by mooraa May 31, 2010
Another one of those Countries whose Government is waaay too focused on Industry, and its less-fortunate people suffer as a result. On a brighter note, at least its poor have souls - and in a way, that makes them the richest people in the land.
My Nike Shoes were made by Child Workers in India.

Some Indians claim that Hinduism is the world's oldest religion. That is not accurate - there were many religions before Hinduism, but they are not in practice today.

Hey? Can you pick me up an Indian Dinner in Waitrose?
by Mandrake96 June 29, 2012
A country that strives to be a modern, secular and socialist nation but where a lot of work is still to be done.
Indian_1: India is the worlds largest democracy.
Indian_2: No, it is the worlds largest electocracy, we still have to build strong democratic institutions.
by Argumentative_Indian March 27, 2007
A name for a beautiful girl. Fun to be around. Smart. Can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Is an angel until you piss her off then she'll become a devil. Loving. Loyal. Therapist. A become the best girlfriend and mother. If she ain't but your side you're crazy.
John: I was having a bad day.
Bobby: Well why aee you happy now.
John: I talked to India about it.
by thatgurllllll** March 09, 2014

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