What a teenager falsely considers his/herself when parents leave town. Parties at "my" house often ensue.
Now that my parents have left for a week, I've felt so independent eating their food.
by muffinssssssssss October 24, 2012
a prostitute who operates without a pimp.
Hi, I'm Tammy, call me for a great time! I'm 100% Independent!
by Jay Jam August 01, 2010
A term used as camouflage by the timid and cowardly to hide their true political affiliation. Statistically, independents vote more reliably for parties they "lean towards" than actual party members. To call oneself an independent is to scream, "please don't hate me".
That guy calls himself a "democratic-leaning" independent, but he votes for Democrats every single time. Like we can't tell what he truly is; he's an idiot!
by Murray Rothbard January 25, 2006
An American political advocate, comes in three flavors.
1. Someone who subscribes to no actual political party, picking and choosing on each politician or issue's own merits.
2. Someone who subscribes to the specific Independent Party.
3. Someone who is a Democrat, but thinks it makes them seem free-thinking and individual to style themselves as being unbound by party rules.
1. Might vote Republican for President, Democrat for House, and Republican locally, after reviewing the issues of each and discussing the issues of each.
2. Most likely puts a straight-party vote for Independent.
3. Votes straight-party Democrat, after constantly supporting Democrat politicians and attacking Republicans while bragging about independent status.
by Rann October 23, 2004
A political term used to describe those people who know not what they believe or are too chickenshit to take a position or pick a side. Also used by these bottom feeders to create an air of self-importance since their vote is "up for grabs" or because they are too thoughtful to make a choice. Typically seen eating cake or pie with one hand while stuffing more into their pants with the other.
That spineless bastard is an independent and the closer we get to the election, the more independent he becomes.
by Frank Zappa is alive November 19, 2008
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