get a 40 (preferably old E), a green apple joose, and a lemonade fourloko.

drink the 40 down to the label and then add joose....sip and continue adding joose until it's empty. then drink that to the label and add the lemonade fourloko of course sipping and adding. by the end you should think your the hulk.
Yo we got some loko's, joose and 40's and made some incredible hulk's.....i have court on monday.
#fourloko #joose #40 #old e #hulk #incredible hulk #hulk juice #green apple #lemonade #malt liquor
by C 908 November 21, 2010
Top Definition
Better known to us veterans as the
"One cup Fuck up"
One part hypnotiq
One part Hennessy
When mixed properly will turn hulk green
The "block and fall" of the new millenium. Drink a cup, walk a block...and fall
by MARCJON78 September 07, 2003
hen and hypno mixed,
"Sippin hypnotic and hennessy yeah we call that incredible."

Twista - Like A Pimp remix
by Incline January 27, 2004
A mixture of 2 of the most famous liquors in the world, Hpnotiq(Mostly drank by the teenaged group) and hennessy, a choice by mainly older men, this is usually a 1 part hpnotiq 1 part hennessy, which turns the drink into a bright green liquid, hense the name incredible hulk.
we be drinkin that hyp and hen what we be callin incredible hulk
#incredible #hulk #hpnotiq #hennessy #drink
by Incrediblehulk May 04, 2006
2oz hennessy + 3oz hpnotiq = the mean green.
"dont get it twisted, im bout to make some incredible hulks. come hulk up my nigga"
#hennessy #mixed drinks #hpnotiq #hipnotic #hulk up
by marc_y March 06, 2008
When sex gets so intense, you get muscle cramps and spasms.
Last night i went incredible hulk on this bitch! Im still sore!
#sex #incredible #hulk #yummy #pizza
by SlipperyD November 14, 2013
When a small blonde kid named Bruce rages to hard at Halo and turns into the incredible hulk. This kid will rage at the correct way to open a banana, and also responds to sam, minivan, and ragequit.... you wont like him when he's angry.
Logan: shut up cunt


Logan: Oh no, he's going green


Kadri: Ya that kids hammered

Incredible Hulk
#sam #bruce #incredible hulk #hulk #angry
by samisbruce April 22, 2013
is when you break a condom during or in the act of having sex. it implies that the user has a big dick, and or has aggressive/ hard sex.
I went incredible hulk last night.

How did you get pregnant? that guy went incredible hulk on me.

Be careful not to incredible hulk, those condoms suck.
#sex #condom #cum #bust a nut #pregnant #hung #dick #penis #cock
by sickstyle421 February 12, 2011
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