When a small blonde kid named Bruce rages to hard at Halo and turns into the incredible hulk. This kid will rage at the correct way to open a banana, and also responds to sam, minivan, and ragequit.... you wont like him when he's angry.
Logan: shut up cunt


Logan: Oh no, he's going green


Kadri: Ya that kids hammered

Incredible Hulk
by samisbruce April 22, 2013
get a 40 (preferably old E), a green apple joose, and a lemonade fourloko.

drink the 40 down to the label and then add joose....sip and continue adding joose until it's empty. then drink that to the label and add the lemonade fourloko of course sipping and adding. by the end you should think your the hulk.
Yo we got some loko's, joose and 40's and made some incredible hulk's.....i have court on monday.
by C 908 November 21, 2010
When you are screwing a girl and while you are penetrating her, be throwing punches at her breast until they turn dark red, like the incredible hulk releasing his fury with punches. Then ejaculate on her tired and punched out breasts and massage her breasts with a stick of celery and the sperm, the green celery represents the hulks skin tone. Then take the wet stick of celery and shove it in her mouth, and force her to eat the sperm coated celery.
She said she wanted to eat something healthy and work out, so i gave her an incredible hulk."
by Lucas Carey March 12, 2008
A mix of all the left over alcoholic in the liquor cabinet
Yo' Nigga Mix my Black ass up Some Incredible Hulk!
by Black Stalion September 12, 2009
a mixture of 2 alcoholic drinks
Lets get some Hypnotic and Hennessy and make a Incredible Hulk
by Bridget February 03, 2005
v. While having sex, you choke your partner until his/her face turns green.
'Hey I heard your girl was in the hospital for oxygen deprivation, dude.'

"Yeah, I keep telling her, but shes way too into incredible hulking every night."
by synaesthesia86 January 29, 2009
A way to describe a penis that is small when relaxed and huge when aroused. It could be angry or green too, but that is yet to be seen.
"Man you are well endowed!"

"Nah, not really, I have an incredible hulk, you'd be surprised: its quite small around Rita."
by Cheekish April 28, 2007
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