To be extremely beautiful or insanely hansome, so beutiful that even words cant describe how beautiful this person or thing is.
As if to say that Jenna is completely and utterly incrazy, or the model on the runway totally incrazy.
by Mat Rodgers March 07, 2008
Top Definition
Something that is intensely crazy.
(A combination of the words intense and crazy.)
"Woah, that's INCRAZY!!"
by whyareallthenamestaken March 30, 2008
A combination of the words "insane" and "crazy", used to describe the intensity of an event or a persons behavior.
You are driving me in-crazy. Go away!
by ashleighoxide January 15, 2011
An adjective describing something which is recognized as being astonishingly awesome or incredibly, insanely crazy... "incrazy"
OMG, I just dropped the biggest turd! That shit was incrazy!!!
by In C. Razy May 22, 2008
(adj) The act of whipping your partner into a sexual frezny whereby they repeatedly slip into the realm between temporary insanity and pure crazy.
You know you drive me incrazy when you play with it like that!
by HerLovebug May 06, 2015
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