a situation where someone goes into hiding, most likely to a place where they can't be found or reached by anyone they know.
kinda like being on the run, but not necessarily to escape from the law. more like being in hiatus for a while to get away from stuff going on in your life or to clear your mind.
"I went incognito for about a month when I tripped down to Mexico to get away from that psycho-bitch ex-girlfriend of mine who I was convinced was stalking me for...well...about a month!"
by Bonzai November 07, 2005
Top Definition
Using Google Chrome's incognito feature to access porn and subsequently pleasure oneself.
I can't play basketball after work, my girlfriend is out of town and I gotta go incognito.
by pseudonatural September 04, 2008
To conceal one's identity.
Moe: "Homer, i said you couldnt come back."
Guy who looks like Homer: "Homer? Who is Homer? My name is Dr. Incognito?"
by PeaTearGriffin March 29, 2005
a mode in the new google chrome browser that doesnt trace youre cookies or history. somtimes referred as "porn mode"
by COB!@R#$FAS September 07, 2008
A synonym for going commando (that is, without underwear, most often used for men but is applicable for women). This synonym is most often used this way in more formal or fancy situations, such as at ballroom dances or press luncheons.
Example 1:
Girl: "You are so graceful! Are you sure you've only had two waltzing classes?"
Guy: "No, I've only had two, but I'm also incognito, so I have more room to move."

Example 2:
Guy 1: "I don't know what to wear to the President's dinner tonight! It's so long, and I don't want to be uncomfortable."
Guy 2: "Just go incognito."
by JedakVentrik August 27, 2013
Word that applies to anything and everything being remotely suspicious in anwayay.
Allie-*pops out of nowhere*
Rebecca-Dude, allie just went incognito coming out of thin air.
Chealsea-Incognito lookin' ass!
by the unibomber March 16, 2009
when you are ballin' in the mix and you don't want certain people to know about it.
1. Your incognito when you are kickin' with another girl's man, or another man's girl.
2. Incognito is also when you tryin' to stay away from people who bring drama.
by sunshine March 27, 2005
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