A non african-american person who is truly african-american on the inside, but is unable to show it due to their outer appearance. Also, a non african-american that has a stereotypical african-american first name.
"Kerensa is without a doubt the incognegro. It's a damn shame the white side won't let it out."
by mojoracing88 March 08, 2010
(n.) A person of African-American descent that wears dark-colored clothing at night.
Last night, on our way to the mall, we almost hit a goddamn incognegro. What posses them to wear dark clothes and walk in the middle of the main road, I'll never know!
by SeaJay: Good For The Soul December 13, 2010
Originally intended as a derogatory term referring to the state of being a person of African descent who doesn't acknowledge their African heritage.

The original usage has been supplanted and the term is actually a friendly joust used to describe the state of being a random, anonymous, unrecognizable person of African descent.

It's counterpart for white people is Wigga or Wigger.
"Man, I couldn't dress my Sunday best today. I had to go IncogNegro for the blend."
by IncogNegro (FC) November 22, 2002
When anybody who has not real dark skin dresses, walks, talks or speaks like a stereotypical black person would, he or she is going incognegro, with the intention of not being recognized or to maks their own feelings, reactions or emotions.
l dunno, he showed up last night but incognegro; hood over his head, walking funny and bumping shoulders with some fellas, and left shortly after, he probably will deny he ever came here.
by Alex Duarte June 11, 2008
To be hidden in the dark because African people are black, and if they were to hide in the dark with dark clothing on, they wouldnt be seen. So, saying you were incognegro, you are basically saying you cant be seen.
Yo man im incognegro, you can never find me!
by khmigga December 03, 2006
1) When someone is african american, but they dress and act caucasian. 2) When a car is secretly pimped.
Carl from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
by Squink December 17, 2004
Term used to describe a state of being like an African in the dark.
In order to smash mailboxes effectively, we must go incognegro.
by Bobg January 24, 2004
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