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Originally intended as a derogatory term referring to the state of being a person of African descent who doesn't acknowledge their African heritage.

The original usage has been supplanted and the term is actually a friendly joust used to describe the state of being a random, anonymous, unrecognizable person of African descent.

It's counterpart for white people is Wigga or Wigger.
"Man, I couldn't dress my Sunday best today. I had to go IncogNegro for the blend."
by IncogNegro (FC) November 22, 2002
A person of African American ancestry who appears white.
"When I saw her parents, I realized she was incognegro."
by Jazzyris May 01, 2012
adjective having one's identity concealed

adverb with the real identity concealed

noun a person who is incognegro,the state of being incognegro,the disguise or character assumed by an incognegro

all of the above with a gansta twist
I was lookin for Smith but he was incognegro.

I purchased drugs from my homeboy . I cant tell you who it was .He said he wanted to be incognegro.
by smitty51376 October 17, 2009
When the lights are turned off, (or at night), on a African-american and he or she seems to disappear.
person 1: "Holy crow, where did Jeremy go?"
person 2: "Some one turned the lights off, hes just incognegro."
by XxMiss_ZolinxX June 06, 2011
(n.) A person of African-American descent that wears dark-colored clothing at night.
Last night, on our way to the mall, we almost hit a goddamn incognegro. What posses them to wear dark clothes and walk in the middle of the main road, I'll never know!
by SeaJay: Good For The Soul December 13, 2010
A non african-american person who is truly african-american on the inside, but is unable to show it due to their outer appearance. Also, a non african-american that has a stereotypical african-american first name.
"Kerensa is without a doubt the incognegro. It's a damn shame the white side won't let it out."
by mojoracing88 March 08, 2010
A mixed person who has a mixed parent and a white parent therefore the person is very light-skinned (even white-looking). They are therefore secretly black, that is they don't look black but they are.
She was incognegro because she was so light-skinned that most of her friends thought she was white.
by Incognegro55 October 05, 2009