Originally intended as a derogatory term referring to the state of being a person of African descent who doesn't acknowledge their African heritage.

The original usage has been supplanted and the term is actually a friendly joust used to describe the state of being a random, anonymous, unrecognizable person of African descent.

It's counterpart for white people is Wigga or Wigger.
"Man, I couldn't dress my Sunday best today. I had to go IncogNegro for the blend."
by IncogNegro (FC) November 22, 2002
Top Definition
a black person that does not want to be recognized; a black person maintaining (or trying to maintain) a low profile.
Yeah, I was there; but you didn't see me 'cause I was incognegro.

I'm going (to a particular place)incognegro.
by Billy Joe Righteous June 03, 2005
A nigga in hiding; mysterious african american; black man unknown to most; brotha who flies under the radar; Man of color who is cunning, sneaky and crafty; Negro who creeps in the balance; undercover.
Can you see me now? I'm like a fly on the wall, I'm incognegro!
by richeerich August 09, 2012
1) a term used to describe an African-American of racially ambiguous appearance.

2) a term describing when African-Americans become anonymous because others are unable to distinguish between them.
1) Mary was so light-skinned it was crazy. If she permed her hair she would be truly incognegro.

2)My English Teacher: Alyson, you said you wanted to ask me a question?
Alyson: Uhh, no.
Me: That was me.
My English Teacher: <flustered> Uh, sorry.
by Ninjitsupope September 19, 2005
A person whose skin is so dark that they blend into dark surroundings (such as shadows) thus having a huge advantage over their prey.
ALBINO: My, what a dark alley! I sure as shit hope that --


-Death Ensues shortly after-
by BeccaQuinlan February 05, 2009
when a black man tries to blend in with the white guys at work, or at functions.

he is "incognegro".
What is tyrone doing at the country club, wearing polo shirt ? oh he golfing , dat fool is incognegro .
by "6" May 23, 2014
A person of non-african american decent pretending to be black.
Rachel Dolezal, president of the Spokane, WA NAACP, resigned after being exposed as an incognegro.
by Incognegro2015 June 21, 2015
A non-black person, usually female, usually a sociopath, always German, who disguises themselves as a black person and attempts infiltration into black society. Incognegroes are a threat to our livelihood and national security. Possible incognegroes: ALL OF THEM.
The incognegro was discovered when a bystander saw the incognegro sipping a chai latte while inspecting her fruitless JDate profile.
by white fiber June 22, 2015
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