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a turkish dictionary with 300000 over users

the users age limit is mostly between 17 and 56
old guys are professor, engineer, mature house wifes, alot of local and foreign students
inci sozluk is inci sozluk.
by boyle de koyduk January 05, 2010
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İnci Sözlük is a Turkish online, social community website. It has been gaining popularity since the foundation. It is known for first announcing a code anomaly in the famous web site Twitter on May 10, 2010. they use unique slang words..

owl reyiz! (reyiz means chef in colloquial turkish and it is sole symbol of the dictionary)

ccc it makes forty (it is a magical mathematical formula who makes forty in any way..)
hey dude! have you ever heard of inci sozluk?

nope, what the fuck are you talkin about?

beware of them, cos they have inci sözlük anal team of louts..
by sagocu ergen October 14, 2011
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