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The act of instilling an idea in someone's mind subconsciously.
After discussing how hot it is outside.

Ryan says: So I think we should go get ice cream.
Brian says: Dude, I so just incepted you.
by Gilly285986 December 28, 2010
derives from inception

referring to the short period of time when your mind dies just after you've watched inception; when the whole world around you seems like a dream as you struggle to find a totem that could actually tell you the freaking difference...
Oh snap! My totem! its still standing! FAAAAK I think im incepted!
by mr. icey August 04, 2010
1. Verb (V) - the act of watching the movie Inception while under the influence of a psychoactive substance, which causes the user to fully understand the depth, magnitude, and potentiality of the theoretical notion of inception.

2. Noun (N) - the period of time proceeding watching the movie Inception while the viewer was/still is under the influence of a psychoactive substance, which causes the user to consider if he/she is also in a dream. (Similar to the feeling after viewing the movie The Matrix)
EX. 1. "Bro, I'm so incepted right now, but whose dream are we really in?"

EX. 2. "During the incepted part of the movie, my girlfriend decided to jump out the window."
by Green Puffer April 04, 2012
Incepted: Being confused as to the entire theme/meaning of presented material. Can be applied to a book/movie/argument/song. A wholesale misunderstanding of the general plot of something. Uses: "Incepted", "Getting Incepted", "Being Incepted". New English: originates from the movie "Inception" and a general feeling of confusion that followed the first viewing.
No idea bro, I felt like I was totally getting Incepted
by shadyoperations October 26, 2010
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