Anybody from or who goes to school in Alabama, Arkansas, or any state that borders either of the two. Typically has one eye and considered a cyclops.

Parents relations

-Father and daughter

-Mother and son



-niece and uncle

-nephew and aunt

-any other familiar relation
Julio Jones is an inbred.
by GSWAGG December 19, 2011
Everyone that lives in Charlotte County....
Look at her, she's such an inbred!
by Livenandshiiit December 04, 2011
1. West Michigan Republican Dutchmen.
2. Illogical reasoning due to inbreeding amongst West Michigan Dutch.
Ottawa county in West Michigan, which is predominantly Dutch, has voted Republican in every election since Abraham Lincoln.

eg: Quote; "I voted for President Bush because my father would kill me if I voted Democrat. Though I do not necessarily believe in Republican views, we Dutch must stick together because of our inbred heritage".
by James R. Windsor October 07, 2007
When people procreate with family members, they create deformed children known as "inbreds". Primary found in the American south, they are often albinos or Cyclops's. they have such freakish abnormalities as f-d up teeth, the urge to sodomize strangers, savant banjo playing skills, racist hatred of Barack Obama, and a love of love of country music.
Harold and Kumar 2 on the subject of inbreds:

surprisingly upscale southern guy "Yeah, we try to keep our inbred son locked up in the basement"


by honkyhater69 June 06, 2011
Someone who listens to to much country music.
Garth Brooks
by phatcat April 07, 2003

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