This term is used to describe the mating habits of the people that inhabit the Appalacion or Ozark Mountains.(Also has been seen to happen in Rio Linda and Arbuckle, California.)This is the only true way to become a full blooded hillbilly.
Those hillbillies are so In-Bred that the son of the father's daughter is also the half-brother of the father.
by Mojo maniac July 23, 2008
Cousin fuckers. Dirty ugly poor people who marry their cousins or husband's brother.
Damn, look at that woman. She married her husband's brother. What a cousin fucking inbred.
by pujkjj November 13, 2008
In the US, inbred's usually play banjos, wear dungarees and are hillbilly's

Here in the UK, many places are quite inbred. I moved to a notoriously inbred area a few years ago, and the people here are all simpletons, look really gaumless and usually come from the old, long-established fishing families. Most of them are special or disabled in some form or another. Physically, they have protruding ears and close-together, slitty squinty eyes, a flat, screwed-up face like a scrotum and dirty teeth. For some groups of people, such as chavs and pikeys/gypsies/travellers, and farmers, and the Welsh.

The offical meaning of an inbred is someone whose parents are related to each other, or one of their parents is inbred, or granparents
Inbreds don't talk any fathomable language, so I can't give a proper example
by Littlerubberjohnny March 03, 2007
When your mother and sister and aunt and cousin are all the same
'Hey How's your mother....oh wait I mean your sister....oh wait I mean your aunt Oh Damn there the same person.....cuz your iNBRED'
by iNBREDed November 07, 2011
to have sex with your own sister or mother, or brother or father if you are a cock smoker, not uncommon in georgia.
i just got my new lynyrd skynyrd cd and now im gonna go back georgia and tea bag my sister before i screw her
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
someone from boston, lincolnshire.
most probably a pikey.
"im an inbred. im from boston. i fuck my mum. innit."
by bostonisfullofinbredpikeys May 20, 2007
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