The kind of repulsive-looking, Confederate-flag-waving, cowboy-hat-wearing human filth you see on Jerry Springer and slithering through every rural town in America. They're a genetic abomination and must be stopped before they ruin this country's gene pool even worse than it already is.
Guests on Springer are inbreds of 10 consecutive generations of brother-sister fucking with some barnyard animals thrown in to give their gene-pool an extra spice. Their DNA doesn't even register as human anymore.
by Dr. Zoidberg November 30, 2005
The kind of person that the Shiite Muslims believe should rule thier world ... the son in law/nephew of Muhammed was the fourth caliph. Son in law AND nephew? WTF? Ali, the fourth caliph and false idol of Usama bin Laden was an inbred human being ... not unlike the rest of the Muslim world.
Ali had no idea whether to ask for his wife's hand in marriage from his uncle or be repulsed that he was about to bear inbred children with his cousin, BUT he should be viewed as a leader of SOMEBODY's world non-the-less.
by M. Ira Hanley July 26, 2006
If someone is inbred they are the result of an incestuous relationship.
Cleetus' mother and father are also brother and sister. sick, huh?
by BadLieutenant August 17, 2004
A person, or "Thing", that is born from an Incest relationship.
the man from down the Street was inbred, he had eight fingers on one hand and two on the other. He one messed up Dirty Ghetto Waste Gash.
by xXRoNXxWarriors <Xbox Gamertag December 21, 2008
A redneck who lives on a farm in a suburban area and stalks girls. they are dirty, hickish, and challenged in multiple ways. an inbred's ideal weekend would include four wheeling, stalking their crush, and chillin with some farm animals. BA. =(
He's such an inbred that he hangs out with animals more than people.
by dontstalk April 20, 2006
a person who has sex with there relatives
The child will end up with one eye and a speech defect

by Sblake August 13, 2008
Someone from either West Virginia, Minong Wisconsin, or the deep south. Are created by making children from other members of their family. This usually happens because they are so ugly the only other people that will have sex with them is members of their family. Easily noticable by lack of teeth, looking like they have been hit by a train, or bad english.
Billy is an inbred because he is his own grandfather.

Sally sue's daddy is also her cousin.
by inbreddisliker November 10, 2008
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