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1. To closely and systematically examine or analyze breasts in order to discern all properties relating to said breasts.
1a.To perform an inbreastigation
"Are those breasts genuine? I must inbreastigate!"
by mcKatze November 26, 2008
(v)A hands-on evaluation of the size and volume of a pair of breast.
Guy:"You know, at first glance it looked like Sarah had huge tits. After further inbreastigation, I realized that they were fairly average in size. In any case, I will inbreastigate further and present you my research.
by Nico_Sup3rchubb October 29, 2008
To investigate for breasts, typically for the purpose of ogling.
Your sister's hosting a Scentsy party upstairs?! Brb going to inbreastigate.
by chickenflylice69 April 02, 2013