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(v)A hands-on evaluation of the size and volume of a pair of breast.
Guy:"You know, at first glance it looked like Sarah had huge tits. After further inbreastigation, I realized that they were fairly average in size. In any case, I will inbreastigate further and present you my research.
by Nico_Sup3rchubb October 29, 2008
1. To closely and systematically examine or analyze breasts in order to discern all properties relating to said breasts.
1a.To perform an inbreastigation
"Are those breasts genuine? I must inbreastigate!"
by mcKatze November 26, 2008
To investigate for breasts, typically for the purpose of ogling.
Your sister's hosting a Scentsy party upstairs?! Brb going to inbreastigate.
by chickenflylice69 April 02, 2013