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Comes from Hebrew.Comes either as a truth tester,truth indicator,or a convincing method.
originally Said: "Be(in) Ima(mother) Scha(yours)".the source of this phrase is in the sentence "I Swear in my mother" or "Do you swear in your mother?"

as an indicator:
"I didnt Break the Vase! in my mother!"
as a tester:
Joe:Who ate my Cookie?
Jeff:It Wasnt me!
Joe:In your mother?
as a convincing method:
Gimme a Shekel! in your Mother!
by Nadav Nuni August 31, 2007
An expression of surprise or disgust. Derives from "fuck your mother in the pussy," but excluding the vulgar words.

Note that if you're a guy, you cannot use this expression in front of a girl, and vice versa.
Scene I
Son: Look at that Ferrari, Dad!
Dad: Oh hell yeah, that's a nice car IN YOUR MOTHER'S!
Son: In my mother's WHAT??
Dad: You know WHAT!

Scene II
Brother 1: Your drawing sucks!
Brother 2: Yeah! In your mother's!!

awesome, sick, sucks, blows, bites, dumb
by dangnuggets June 01, 2016
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