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used in a situation when one has almost definitely secured something that is of great worth, typically when one is about to run the mise.
i knew that random hot chick would make sex w/ me... i had it in the bagg
by da? December 05, 2003
archane slang for drunk
I don't remember that. I was in the bag by then.
by The Frugie December 21, 2004
When you are certain that you are going to succeed in doing something and very layed-back about it.
"Pffft, I got that shit in the bag!"

DUDE 1: "Man, you think you can get a date with that hott chick over there?"
DUDE 2: "Ha, it's in the bag man. I don't even have to try."
by cough007 April 26, 2007
when someone unknowingly uses the phrase
"in the bag" to claim that something is a given, when in fact they have doomed failure
Dan Rather: "It looks like Al Gore has Ohio locked up, and so the presidency is in the bag"


Announcer: "Nick Anderson hasn't missed a free throw in 200 straight attempts"

Nick Anderson bricks both free throws
by DotH8 February 13, 2009
to throm somehting into the crotch of your unsuspecting friend, specifically a Tyson chicken doll wearing a red cape.
"its in the bag!"
followed by throwing of said doll directly into the balls of your friend
by BMG December 17, 2002
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