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Imzadi is star trekese for your ulimate soulmate. It is used when you and your lover connect in every single way, beyond our physical realem.
"alex and i are imzadi"
by Imzadi November 24, 2004
1. In the Star Trek universe Imzadi is a Betazoid word that translates roughly into "Beloved". It basically means someone who is very dear to you; a soulmate. It is also used as a term of endearment.
The most famous usage, of course, was between that of Counslor Deanna Troi and Lt. Cmd. William Riker on Star Trek: TNG.

2. The name of Ami's black and white female housecat.
"You are my heart and soul, Imzadi, and I shall love you forever," she whispered, tears in her eyes.
by Skayda February 08, 2008
1. Star Trek: Betazoid; literally "the first".
2. The first lover to touch your soul or spirit as well as your body.
3. Beloved; soulmate; heart and soul.
4. Bonded in mind, body and spirit.

See also: my sun-and-stars, Dothraki origin.
"Thanks for sticking by me, Imzadi," said Deanna Troi to William Riker.
by scottishchick1 December 03, 2013
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