An amazingly awesome and addicting PC game that requires to be downloaded. So far, it has given macs and laptops viruses, but even on my 2001 PC can support this bitch. GO IMVU!! Also, it is really fun to play and requires a credit card if you would not like yo be a n00b. Add me, my user name is hatredLOVESme! CAREFUL THOUGH THIS REALLY IS ADDICTING! You get to make an avatar in 3D. Also it allows you to use foul language
Guest_emoposer56: lol u suck
Guest_shakeyabootyrump565832p: hey hatrad is mi bitday n imvu well u gib me cradets?
hatredLOVESme: Dude, please spell correctly and use correct grammar. Oh and no. I'm not a fucking idiot. Tell your parents to get a job and pay for your user name 9 year old cunt.
by H A T E R <3 B ii S H May 02, 2009
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a 3D chat program where you can catfish dumb people into buying pixel clothes for your fake avatar.
girl 1: are you on imvu yet?
girl 2: yeah, my username is hotsexybabesex1234
by officialmila September 12, 2016
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IMVU stands for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe. It is a game where you can chat in real time with others around the world. You have your own avatar you can customize. It is a very popular game in the role playing community.
Saam: Wanna play some imvu?
Nick: sure <3
by FernTheFawn December 01, 2016
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