An acronym for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe. This term usually refers to a specific instant messaging client developed by IMVU inc. which was founded by Will Harvey. IMVU has been in public beta since April 2, 2004 and continues to prosper with 20 million registered users and 600,000 active users as of June 6, 2008. IMVU has the world's largest catalog of virtual goods with over 3 million items produced by over 100,000 content creators.
An example of an IMVU virtual chat:

Person 1: hey there
Person 2: hey
Person 1: how are you?
Person 2: im good
Person 1: asl?
by Luhta May 13, 2009
a site kinda like myspace but better wear u make an avatar and talk to people in 3d chat. a lot of losers who take think its real and think peoples avatars look like the person in real life.
imvu guy: hey. ur hot. wanna be my girlfriend
girl: ok. ur hot too.
by sxc_em April 06, 2008
A virtual place full with basement dwellers. Frequented by internet tough gayngnsters, swagfaggots,wiggers, hipsters, 12 years old, basement dwellers, sick fucks, liberal Internet warriors, low lifes, faggots, homos.

A place to go went you quit life.
IMVU gayngster: A noob
New user : Retarded faggot basement dweller who spends all the miserable life in internet.
by lol28181818 February 19, 2014
3D chat application.

A chat application - look to your right, you'll probably see an ad of it - where you can create a 3D avatar, chat in 3D rooms and perform actions with the other avatars (users).
You can also customise your avatar by using credits (IMVU's virtual currency) to buy stuff from other players.
IMVU is the most popular 3D chat application.
by Flutters May 30, 2012
A virtual game people play where they go clubbing, dancing, buy clothes, and gift each other stuff. It's kinda like the Sims, except you can't build your own town. Most of the people there treat it as if it is real life, so if you slap or insult their character they will become very angry and pound away at their keyboards at you. Also, the majority of the people who play this game are 14-18 and tend to be the more "nerdy" type.

You can also have sex, children, and get married in this game!
Me: Wanna go to the mall today?
Friend: No, not now. My girlfriend and I are at the amusement park!
Me: Oh my God, you're gay?? Why didn't you tell me?
Friend: What? No. I'm a guy on IMVU and I have a girlfriend.
Me: Oh, so wanna go to the ACTUAL mall?
Friend: Uhm, actually, can you get on IMVU, my girlfriend wants to meet you...
Me: Oh god **powers on computer**, I'm getting tired of being a loser with you. You need to get out of the house ASAP!
by criedman101 March 05, 2014
To get cheated, "indian giver" to have something taken back after you have bought it or it has been given to you.
Due to IMVU`s constantly changing terms of service tens of thousands of virtual items that users have bought are being rerated as not suitable to be used on IMVU, and are being deleted from user accounts.
yo, you said you were going to sell me your ipod now you say you changed your mind and you want it back?
Don`t IMVU me like this dude!

Your brother took back those shoes he gave you?
Man, he IMVU`ed you BAD!
by NBForrest January 05, 2008
The shittiest, laggiest 3D chat game ever, full of dumb ass no-lives and stuck up bitches and credit whores. If you want to look half decent in this game, be ready to max out your credit card. Why not just fuck this game and go play Second Life instead? At least then you don't need to be a rich whore/stuck up kid to be able to change your avatar and doesn't lag the living shit out of your computer. Maybe there are basement dwellers on SL, but at least there's a drastically lower percentage of credit whores.
Look to the left, right, EVERY FUCKING PIXEL ON YOUR SCREEN, you will find at least one IMVU ad 95 percent of the time on UD.
by Endercat January 02, 2013
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