A 3D avatar software which works like an IM but is not exactly a game, and where you can't walk. They bill your (real or virtual) money for everything: virtual currency, changing your body and face shape and height, name ownership, name change, age verification, adult content, being able to block random attacks and submitting new products. They call themselves "The world's greatest 3D chat". The requirements for that, however, are far from adequate. You might find some very few intelligent people among it's users, but you can be sure that they either stop using the client software or leave the site overall.
Typical IMVU public room chat log:

Guest_demouserxx1: gimme credz for my name plz im poor
DemouserxxII: Speak english, and names can't be bought with credits anyway. Buy your own.
*Guest_demouserxx1 does random attack.*
DemouserxxII: Oooooo virtual bruises. Nice robbery, now I'm hurt - not. I'm outta here.
"DemouserxxII has left the chat."
"Guest_demouserxx3 has joined the chat"
Guest_demouserxx1: im so BOARD
Guest_demouserxx3: shuddup
*Ten minutes of silence as everybody sit and then leave.*
by Anna of the Web II July 01, 2009
To get cheated, "indian giver" to have something taken back after you have bought it or it has been given to you.
Due to IMVU`s constantly changing terms of service tens of thousands of virtual items that users have bought are being rerated as not suitable to be used on IMVU, and are being deleted from user accounts.
yo, you said you were going to sell me your ipod now you say you changed your mind and you want it back?
Don`t IMVU me like this dude!

Your brother took back those shoes he gave you?
Man, he IMVU`ed you BAD!
by NBForrest January 13, 2008
A 3-d victual instant messaging program when you can make an avatar and dress it anyway you like, get back grounds, etc. you have to pay for everything with credits that you usually have to purchase with real money.

usualy filled with people who think they are better than you just because they dont have "Guest" before their name or cuz they call everyone and everything a noob. The people who call everything and everyone a noob usually have a bunch of friends on imvu because they dont have any in real life and dont have a life so they spend every min of it online on imvu, they also tend to believe it is reality. they also tend to try and gang up on other ppl and act like internet tough-guys when in reality they are picked on at school.
XxCutiebabe45xX: Hey you guys, did you hear sexycandychick99 got pregnant?
XxHotgirlxX: omg? really who did that to her?
XxCutiebabe45xX: it was Hotboy67..they were together last night and had really hot cyber sex..he also had an affair with sexychik34..now they are all fighting
XxHotgirlxX: omg no way!
*other 7 people in room are talking about the subject*
*someone joins*

everbody in room: haha it's a noob, look at the noob hhahaha..the noob still has a "Guest" name.noob is so retarded
*keeps talking about "pregnant" chick*
Guest_Normalperson (a.k.a the noob): WTF is wrong with you people? I'm not gonna take any shit from shut ins who dont have a life out of imvu..you know this isnt reality right?"

*everyone else in room bitches about Guest_Normalperson and finally kicks him/her out*

*everyone keeps talking about "pregnant scandal"*
by Ilikecats99 December 26, 2009
the advertisement on the left side of the screen, the middle of the screen, and the bottom of the screen.
Person: Look! that adverstisement of imvu says i can live the life i always dreamed of! cool!
Person 2: Let's join today!
Person 3: hey! now it says to kiss the 20 remaining hotties within 1 minute. Awesome!
by monster_by_mistake_achoo! February 26, 2009
a website addressed as IMVU.com, where little 12 year old girls can fuck 48 year old men without knowing, kind of like Gaia online but better and poses
by Kikipoofers00 April 13, 2010
A Chat program where users can create products, and create rooms where others can hang out in.

most of imvu enjoys staying around "genres" vampires, furries, emo, scene and the like.

a popular and very frustrating roleplay that revolves almost every roleplay aspect of imvu is the kingdoms. kingdom rps take form in covens, family's, packs ect.

noobs have select rooms they all join into, all of which are un-moderated, making them prime to continue their antics, plus they are unable to create their own rooms, so pretty easy to avoid with that.

past the noob status there are worse things on the net, the annoying ones that cannot help but lie about how epic of a real life they have, it can be more annoying then having a noob constantly performing actions on your avatar.

past that more so are the ones who are incredibly stuck up to the point that makes you wish in every fiber in your being you could smash your fist into your computer into said persons face.

besides the nonsense, find the right people you enjoy being around, and imvu becomes very fun.
"example" imvu is based off instant messangers, expect it to run similar to this.
by ThatOneGuyWhoDidThatThing February 27, 2010
A vast open space for little 9- 99 year old whores to run and play. You are able to dress up and maybe if you're lucky, you might virtually get some, don't forget to pay real money for virtual money. ;)
Bangmehardgirl: hey boy, i'll have sex with u if u buy me something from my wish IMVU list.
normalguywithbrainz: shutup whore. (slaps)
bangmehardgirl: I am not a whore! :(
bangmehardgirl: so you gonna buy me something?

*normalguywithbrainz has left the chat.
by ItGrindsGears April 21, 2009

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