A Chat program where users can create products, and create rooms where others can hang out in.

most of imvu enjoys staying around "genres" vampires, furries, emo, scene and the like.

a popular and very frustrating roleplay that revolves almost every roleplay aspect of imvu is the kingdoms. kingdom rps take form in covens, family's, packs ect.

noobs have select rooms they all join into, all of which are un-moderated, making them prime to continue their antics, plus they are unable to create their own rooms, so pretty easy to avoid with that.

past the noob status there are worse things on the net, the annoying ones that cannot help but lie about how epic of a real life they have, it can be more annoying then having a noob constantly performing actions on your avatar.

past that more so are the ones who are incredibly stuck up to the point that makes you wish in every fiber in your being you could smash your fist into your computer into said persons face.

besides the nonsense, find the right people you enjoy being around, and imvu becomes very fun.
"example" imvu is based off instant messangers, expect it to run similar to this.
by ThatOneGuyWhoDidThatThing February 27, 2010
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the advertisement on the left side of the screen, the middle of the screen, and the bottom of the screen.
Person: Look! that adverstisement of imvu says i can live the life i always dreamed of! cool!
Person 2: Let's join today!
Person 3: hey! now it says to kiss the 20 remaining hotties within 1 minute. Awesome!
by monster_by_mistake_achoo! February 26, 2009
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possibly one of the gayest chat systems ever created. it lags the shit out of ur internet so that people cannot physically use it for anything purposful. u can buy credits to buy clothes, which is pointless cus u could just go out and buy some clothes in real life and chat to people then!
hotbabe123: hey there hun
Normal Person: get the fuck off imvu and buy some proper clothes
by Ollie "Cookie" Roberts July 24, 2006
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A 3d chat program that should only be used by people with fast internet and a good processor. Users can interact with one another virtually with everything from hugs and kisses to pokes in the eye.

Users can also buy virtual clothes and rooms/houses for their avatars (avi for short). While the credits to buy clothes are for sale, most users find it easy to survive without actually having to buy anything via Free Spin, Browsing the New Products Page, Inviting Friends, and joining MetaRL.

It's a fun 3d chat program, but also quite hilarious/annoying with the people that take it too realistically, and those credit whores.
Imvu guy: Hey baby? You single?
Me: *cringes in real life* Yes....
Imvu guy: You wanna go out?
Me: No.
Imvu guy: Why not?
Me: Because you live in Australia and I live in Ohio?
Imvu guy: Come lay in the bed with me, sexy.
Me: I'm gonna go now. *Clicks x*

Person: How long you been on IMVU?
Me: Couple years.
Person: Oh, I've only been on here a month. I want some new shows. I only need 10 more credits to get them.
Me: Cool.
Person: Yea. Onlllyyy need 10 more credits to get them.
Me: Yea, I get that.
Person: Just 10.
Me: Yea....I...know?
Person: I wish someone would give me 10 credits.
Me: Don't we all wish someone would give us 10 credits?
Person: Why won't you give me some damn credits!?
Me: WHAT THE HELL! *virtually punches in the gut and leaves*

Person: Hi, my name's John.
me: Nice avi.
Person: Thanks. Where ya from?
me: USA.
Person: UK for me.
--Normal conversation w/o relationship invidtes and credit whoring follows-

by Alexesc November 28, 2008
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a website addressed as IMVU.com, where little 12 year old girls can fuck 48 year old men without knowing, kind of like Gaia online but better and poses
by Kikipoofers00 April 13, 2010
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To get cheated, "indian giver" to have something taken back after you have bought it or it has been given to you.
Due to IMVU`s constantly changing terms of service tens of thousands of virtual items that users have bought are being rerated as not suitable to be used on IMVU, and are being deleted from user accounts.
yo, you said you were going to sell me your ipod now you say you changed your mind and you want it back?
Don`t IMVU me like this dude!

Your brother took back those shoes he gave you?
Man, he IMVU`ed you BAD!
by NBForrest January 13, 2008
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An acronym for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe. This term usually refers to a specific instant messaging client developed by IMVU inc. which was founded by Will Harvey. IMVU has been in public beta since April 2, 2004 and continues to prosper with 20 million registered users and 600,000 active users as of June 6, 2008. IMVU has the world's largest catalog of virtual goods with over 3 million items produced by over 100,000 content creators.
An example of an IMVU virtual chat:

Person 1: hey there
Person 2: hey
Person 1: how are you?
Person 2: im good
Person 1: asl?
by Luhta May 13, 2009
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