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similar to the imagination but only used to create a mental image of a particular woman's pubic hair and vagina

"Hey why are you staring at that young blonde"


"I'm just using my imvagination"


"Hmm i would say dark in color and slightly trimmed"
by Dale Menadue March 13, 2010
The part of an unattractive man's psyche that makes him think he is attractive to women. The Imvagination is only active in strip clubs, whore houses, Hooters and the Phillipines. The Imvagination is harmless unless it transforms into arrogance. If this happens the man will become a sad douche bag. The only cure for this transformation is as follows:
1) Remove man from Asia, whore house, Hooters or strip club.

2) Grab his double chin and punch him in his bald spot several times.
We all knew Delbert's Imvagination was out of control when he said," I think that stripper really liked me. She kept coming back to my section in sniffer's row!!"
by Fudgie McGee June 08, 2011
what a guy uses to picture a girl naked
In order to picture her naked, I used my imvagination.
by starguy514 February 14, 2011
Agile mind of a smart, sexy woman
What a Fox. She's got an awesome imvagination!
by blitzbabe November 21, 2015

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