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He who prints for a professional use.
Imprints(em prints) alot of photo's I reckon he's a professional.
by Michael H. May 11, 2005
8 20
Poo, stain, leave a dirty dark spot, perform a Cleveland-steamer on a friend.
From the Twilight series "Bella, sometimes you see someone, you know that they're the one, and you imprint on them."
by Space_cowboy_1989 November 29, 2010
82 51
To impart a strong or vivid impression
to make an impression; have an effect.
To fix firmly, as in the mind
and imprints are mentioned in some books eg: twilight saga and the house of night series
We imprint our own ideas onto acts
He tried to imprint the number on his memory.
by RachaelRansom July 10, 2009
82 85
This is a Twilight (Book by Stephenie Meyer- If you havn't read it, READ IT!) word.
When a werewolf from the Quiluete tribe falls in love with somebody after they have phased before just by seeing them. So basically love at first sight but more real.
Sam: Oh, Emily! (Big kiss on the cheek). I Love You!
Emily: I Love You too! I'm so glad you imprinted on me!
by BiteMeEdward October 17, 2008
79 118
In Twilight, a werewolf imprints on the person he or she loves. It means they'll be by their side forever and love them forever. They imprint by scratching you i think
Jacob IMPRINTED on Renesmee
I just IMPRINTED on the one i love
by MrsCullen October 05, 2008
42 101