An underated car made by Chrysler Co. First appeared in the 20's. In the late 50's, it was sold as it's own model to compete with Cadillac and Lincoln. It failed though, due to obvious reasons. There was no seperate "Imperial" dealership. Imperials were sold in Chrysler dealerships, and customers thought of them as a higher priced Chrysler with a different badge. Poor quality was another factor, as they had rust and mechanical problems. By 1964, the Imperial ditched it's outdated rust prone 50's style for the nicer boxy look similar to the Lincoln Continental. This body style was used in the 2011 movie "The Green Hornet". 1964-1968 were probably the best years for the make. 1969-1973 models were quite impressive looking too, with huge grills, and a sleek fuselage bodystyle. 1974 introduced an even bigger body style that came out at the wrong time. With the gas crisis in full swing, Chrysler decided not to waste anymore time on an already failing marque. So the last Imperial was made in 1975.

Several attempts to resurect the name have happened, what with the 1981-1983 bustle back coupe that nobody liked. And the 1990-1993 boring small 4 door sedan that looked like all other Chrysler cars at the time.
Max: I just saw "The Green Hornet" at the movie theatre. Dude....that black car was fuckin' awesome. What was it, a Lincoln??
Pat: It was a 1964 Imperial Crown. The Black Beauty...One bad ass ride!
by Metalhead83 August 26, 2011
Top Definition
A race in the Elder Scrolls video game series.

Natives of the civilized, cosmopolitan province of Cyrodiil, the Imperials are well-educated and well-spoken. Imperials are also known for the discipline and training of their citizen armies. Though physically less imposing than the other races, the Imperials have proved to be shrewd diplomats and traders, and these traits, along with their remarkable skill and training as light infantry, have enabled them to subdue all the other nations and races, and to have erected the monument to peace and prosperity that comprises the Glorious Empire.

It is assumed that Imperials are based on the Romans, as it is assumed that Bretons are based on the French.
As an Imperial, you are best equipped for the warrior type.
by Elder Scrolls January 24, 2008
Often used to describe the United States' form of measurement, in other countries.
You americans and your imperial Inch!
by Wes Engstrom July 17, 2006
the source of evil in the Star Wars universe, usually involving members of the fallen Sith Empire, trying to resurrect it. In the latter movies, the Empire is reborn by Palpatine and Vader.
Darth Maul, Palpatine, Vader, Dooku, Revan, Malak, and anyone else who ever used a red lightsaber are members of the Sith Empire. Darth Vaders theme song is also known as the Imperial March
by Condord4myt October 06, 2005
The unit of measurement from the british empire the "US unit" was based on. Very similar but with some differences. The pint, and therefore the gallon, is smaller in US than imperial units.
America took the british imperial unit, made the pint smaller because they can't handle their drink and called it "american" so that using any other standard of measurement would be unpatriotic.
by KX36 September 06, 2006
Cheap or of poor quality. Often precedes the word 'Vodka.' See also 'American' in conjunction with 'Cola.'
1) Dude I'm gonig to get some Voddy.
2) Some Absolut?
1) Nah man, just some Imperial.
by Whiskeyftw January 13, 2012
All powerfull, newley used on Online Games. When you are killed, someone might call themselves Imperial, meaning that they own everybody in the game.
"Screw you all. I Imperial!"
by Gigaman June 19, 2005
to be below average height.
my friend corey was imperial to such an extent that he couldn't ride the roller coaster at six flags.
by smcs February 16, 2011
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