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I agree with this definition:

98% of the people on Urban Dictionary
"i looked up the definition of wank! ha ha ha!"

ha ha very (not) funny
by peedoff December 14, 2004
181 68
Someone who acts like a child
Someone whos mean but thinks it'll get him somewhere
A boy who likes a girl but teases her instead of telling her
Galen is always bothering me in P.E. and calling me a lesbian. He's so immature!
by SakuraShrineGirl April 14, 2006
102 36
What many high school students are. Nuff said.
Just because you're in high school doesn't mean people cannot be immature. Maturity is nothing but a mere joke.
by StraightFMan April 10, 2006
97 47
1.) 99% of high school chicks who laugh hysterically at things that are not remotely funny 2.) 90% of college chicks who soak themselves up with drama and send 4 different text messages to their boyfriends, all of which say the same thing
Amy just laughed hysterically cuz she accidentally ran over her crushes mailbox, that is so immature.
by krh90 September 27, 2009
54 17
Term used to describe all the teenagers, "frat boy types", posers, thugs, and other assorted obnoxious entities who post all the inane, stupid, sexually graphic definitions for actual and made-up words on Urban Dictionary.
Most of you immature little fucktards will never attend college or achieve anything worthwhile in life, on account of your ability to reason and communicate like 12 year olds.
by Anonymous Hater of Stupidity August 16, 2007
54 19
Always seems to be referring to men because they did something stupid-(not smart) having nothing to do with maturity. It is manly use by women referring to there husbands.
"You are so damn immature."
or "He is the most immature person I've ever met."
by American Redneck October 24, 2005
58 24
One who abuses drugs to feel grown up.
One who abuses alcohol to feel grown up.
One who calls people immature.
The majority of the teenage population.(immature)
by a-nonny-moosee October 15, 2008
40 12