I-M-D-B stand for Intenet Movie Database

I-M-D-B also spells addictive.
I could spend hours on IMDB and in fact... I have!
by That Other Girl January 04, 2007
Hours of Entertainment
In Clerks-
Randall watches a porn movie called "The Best of Both Worlds", which is the name of a real series of porn movies. However, the real movies are about bisexuals, not hermaphrodites
by Rad_ August 21, 2005
verb: to quickly reference www.imdb.com the Internet Movie Database, to either prove a point to your friends, to show off your movie knowledge, or even just for your betterment!
Hey, in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, did they use The Beatles' version of Twist & Shout? THEY DID! I just imdb'd it!
by Michael Worton December 03, 2007
Internet Movie Database. An online database of information about actors, films, television shows, television stars, video games and production crew members.

Also a place for pretentious douche-bags to write crappy reviews for movies thinking their opinion matters.
Wow IMDB has such elaborate information on films! It's a shame morons ruin it by writing horrible reviews, people suck!
by 1337w33d June 28, 2011
An acronym for "Internet Movie Database." A website with the intention of being a go-to for film enthusiasts who wish to research films, actors, directors, etc. And also have the opportunity to discuss those films and people on one of many thousand message boards available on the site.

However, even the best intentions could not save IMDb from the internet. It is now basically a breeding ground for trolls, pricks and lifeless douchebags who spend all day, every day fighting, bitching and annoying eachother on the message boards. It's pretty much impossible to have a decent, civilized conversation on IMDb anymore thanks to the fucktards who encompass 90% of its audience.

Other current problems with the site include:
-Films being massively downvoted by trolls and haters, meaning that most of the user-average scores on the site cannot be trusted anymore.
-An on-going witch hunt for so-called "studio plants." (people who have allegedly been paid by studios to give positive reviews to films) The problem is that because 90% of IMDb's audience is made of haters, if you even try to admit that you like a film, there's about a 50% chance you will be labeled a "studio plant." (Even if you obviously are not)
-People spending all-day, every-day asking if every male actor is gay or not on the message boards.
-Similarly, sad, lonely men pining away on just about every message board for every actress about how much they love them and want to bang them.
Joseph knew that IMDb would be able to answer his question about that one movie with Nathan Fillion a few years ago, but he didn't want to go to IMDb, because he knew the second he went on the message boards, he would get so angry he'd vomit.
by TeddyStix April 16, 2014
The use of IMBD to pretend you know something about movies, actors, or directors when you're really just trying to show off and/or not seem ignorant.
Person 1: Oh, I love Walter Hill's movies. I was a huge fan of 48 hrs.
Person 2: I call IMDBS. You would never have known he directed that.
by Testiclize August 22, 2012
I'd manhandle dat butt.
That girl over there? IMDB.
by ultramurdersam November 05, 2009

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