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In my biased opinion.
"That brand is the best, IMBO."
by pheel June 07, 2003
In My Bloated Opinion
by Flamin Homer May 31, 2003
contraction of "imbecile" ( a person stupider than a moron but not as stupid as an idiot ).
Rachel ? Don't worry about her, she's a real imbo.
by mich July 19, 2004
An often called imaginary human being who holds the black flag for unmankind purposes, such as slitting peoples throats with the black flag.
Man- Imbo came in my house last night and almost slit my throat with the black flag.

Lady- Oh no, thats horrible

Man- Yeah! he said he had better games to play and he jumped into my companions bed instead.
by Jack Soloman July 28, 2010