An abbreviation for "imbalanced." Pronounced phonetically as if it were a full word.
"That Warcraft III strat is so imba!"
by Alex Wolf May 29, 2006
Say this when you meet a very smart, good looking and awsome guy.

This does not work with the names "Sindrings, Olajr, Oldis or Sindre"
A good example is:

JonasKs = Imba :)
by Juppi May 30, 2008
'Imba' is often used as an abbreviation for Immensely Badass.
More often used by experianced players, rather than newbies who use it to mean imbalanced.
That deepthroat movie is fucking imba.
by Parr March 06, 2007
Something Henri says.
"omg imba is imbalanced nub"
by Rellen 33 April 15, 2005
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