In My Anal Opinion. Just another variation depending on your mood.
I think they suck imao!
by Maximus Duppy March 12, 2007
Top Definition
In My Arrogant Opinion
by Flamin Homer May 31, 2003
Imao, means In my arrogant oppinion.
Person1: You look soooo sad, Imao
Person2: Lol yer i know!
by Telnven April 01, 2006
It is an internet slang and an acronym which stands for In My Arrogant Opinion. It is the new age take on the old cliche - in my humble opinion or IMHO. Another variation of IMAO is IMNSHO (In My Not-So-Humble Opinion)
IMAO I think we should sell the company.
by vitamink3 May 27, 2008
when morons who see 'lmao' think that the 'l' is actually an uppercase 'I'.
when would 'i' ever mean 'laughing'?
thats like saying 'd' means 'reading'
stupid as hell
ME: lmao, that was funny.
JERK#1(in all caps): IMAO, I AM A MORON!
by psolms November 16, 2005
IMAO, the A in IMAO stands for Awesome.
by ~The Nameless One~ January 30, 2006
In My August Opinion. Declares the speaker to be the ultimate authority on a subject. The polar opposite of IMHO (In My Humble Opinion).
Imao, you should all be hanged!
by SGZ July 23, 2006

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