A fictional companion, often created out of loneliness. Imaginary friends can often be found congregating around definitions of non-celebrities, singing the praises of the person in question.
OMG, John is so awesome. He's loved by his mobs of friends, his family, and even complete strangers he meets on the street. He's friendly, and well-mannered, with nary a hair out of place. John's amazing at sports and all the ladies are unable to resist his charms and good looks. Plus, he's such a great friend. I don't know where I'd be today if I'd never met the paragon of perfection that is John.

by An Imaginary Friend
by With Hidden Noise April 18, 2006
a person you meet once in your lifetime when on vacation, but when the vacation is over you continue to keep in constant contact with each other via text, facebook, e-mail, post, phone calls, or all of the above.
Kyle: Who are you always texting dude?
John: My imaginary friend Julia.
Kyle: You mean that girl we met in Nebraska two summers ago?
John: Yeah, same one.
by TexasTiger August 10, 2011

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