Contrary to popular belief this is knot what IT's made out to be on the Internet or it logically speaking would've been made in to be! IM solemnly points to man's selfishness in surmising, I am and can be negatively combined with otherwise good words like morality and mortality resulting in immorality and resultant IM mortality.
IM inclined to associate with that morality and mortality that some imposter has now passed off as immorality that pissed off immortality.
by Hercolena Oliver May 15, 2008
Sending a message to someone instantly.
IM's make me all wet just thinking about them.
by Your mom January 13, 2004
Attire referencing or pertaining to the International Male online catalog.
"oh my god, he is so IM, look at those red leather pants"
by D-Sheezy April 23, 2004

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