Contrary to popular belief, illmatic did not originate with Nas. Originally, Tragedy Intelligent Hoodlum, check him out. Not the dude who rode with pac.

Illmatic was indeed ill though.
Nas is the afrocentric Asian, half man half amazing
by Renato February 27, 2005
having, or pertaining to the characteristics of ill
yo, that porno was illmatic
i like illmatic
by andrew chung January 05, 2003
Nice, cool, crazy
did you see that ass. It wuz illmatic
by tito April 17, 2003
amazing weed; the good ganja.
What you got man? is it some illmatic?

Oh yeah.

Allright, ill be there in a minute!!!
by lukc April 01, 2005
The shizzle for rizzle.
YO! Modest Mouse is the illmatic!!
by Billiam Vunderschnagensteiner February 02, 2004
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