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deffinition 1- a mini light in plant's leaves that gives them their color.
A little Elf goes into the leaves and turns the light on every morning. After the light is on, the Elf picks a color, which happens to be the color you see. When the leaf dies, the illmatic light is taken off the leave to use for another leaf.

deffinition 2- another way to say you need to calm down and take 7 deep breaths. Also if you are mad, sad, depressed, pissed, etc.
*Go turn the illmatic lights on before the sun comes out!

*Leaf #885's illmatic light is broken, go change it.

*You need to turn your illmatic light off before you talk to him.

*I wish my illmatic light could just go away!
by Iyonna && Darrell = ] June 17, 2006

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