What retards and try to replace the word "sick" with. Usually signifying that something is awesome, amazing, or cool. Also can be used to say that someone does not feel well or is sick with a virus.
Man 1 "Wow man, that trick was so ill."
Man 2 "Its sick, fag"
by KincaidH November 18, 2009
Describes disgust.
"Ill, here come that stinkin lookin nigga!"
by NaughtyShorty November 18, 2003
an accented version of IS by atlanta niggas
the S at the end of words becomes a LL
the greeting "What it is" becomes What it illl
by Tyrone Walthers January 07, 2008
Being of illegal age.
That girl is ill but I wouldn't say no.
by sarah October 24, 2003
idiot lazy liar. someone who claims to have done something that they never did.
For example: A fedex delivery person could be called "ill" when they make the claim that they attempted delivery and yet they never even came to your location for delivery.

That fedex dude is ill.
by kkSF August 29, 2007
Meaning stupid. Contrary to popular belief, ill was first used by Run-DMC NOT the Beastie Boys
You be illin'. - Run-DMC
by nader's bitch March 05, 2005
"I Literally Laughed"
A new take on LOL since LOL has lost all meaning due to it being overused.
Alyssa: I'm giggling on teh toilet
Stacey: ILL
by iheartlolcats April 16, 2008

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