1. Olaniyi Jinadu
2. A black young photographer who is very stylish and sopisticated. He is funny, kind, fun and adventurous but also as a soft side to him.

3. Illicit Illusion
1. iLL is a good guy
2. iLL has a lot of ela
3. For the next party, let's employ iLL to take the photos.
by iLLicit iLLusion February 11, 2010
To be wild, crazy, or insane,
also to be really messed up, or not sober
originated in Charleston, SC
Hey man we need to hang and get ill.
by Mistermaster June 06, 2009
Cool, awesome, amazing, hot, the best
Doesn't Erin have ill arms?
Yeah! They are so ill!
by maraschino August 14, 2005
When Something is either really good or really bad, Someone who really like or dislike! It is all in the way it is said to define whether it is used in a nice or nasty manor!
1)"Heya, Jo have you seen Titch about tonight?"
"Urgh yeah I'm ill off her!"

2)"Awww man I saw Gem the other night, shez really nice"
"Oh yeah man I'm ill off her, shez mint!"

3)"Have you heard? Lisa Lashes tickets have sold out!"
"NO WAY MAN! I'm well ill off that"

4)"Last night was amazing!!!"
"Yeah I'm so ill off how good it was!"
by Loo_Poo August 23, 2007
dangerously good, illicit, usually used to describe drugs chunes or booty
that bitches ass was on the ill-type!
by Junglistbadbwoii December 21, 2003
totaly awesome pimpatude
dude my boy e-money is ill
by steven gibbons August 09, 2005
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