Contrary to most of the definitions found here, this is the correct one:
'ILL' : Adjective meaning 'wild' or 'crazy'. Not always derogatory, but used when something may be so outrageous so as to be unruly.
'ILLIN': Adjective or Verb. Lunatic behaviour. See above.
"The guy was drunk - he was Illin'"
"With those green and yellow clothes you look real ill."
by rapster tee February 09, 2006
Comes from the word Pills. Pills refering to ecstasy pills. Shortened to ills.
Hey what kind of ills you got.
by Adam December 29, 2004
Ill is the terminology used when a person object or situation is portrayed in an unsavory manner.
Dave:"Soo up for some dry martini with that fiine oap?"
Moses: "thats just ill."
by GoldenBarrel November 22, 2009
baltimore and philly term for the illicit drug PCP/
smokin some ill, gettin ill, etc.
by methjwalker June 06, 2005
Cool, pimp, mack.
G$ is so cool, he's iLL!
by G$ July 10, 2002
Acronym - I Love Life

This is the counter to the infamous FML (fuck my life) for positive people who love & appreciate life.
"it's an ILL kinda day"

"feeling pretty ILL today"

"dude, that was an ILL moment!!!"

"how ya doing?..... ILL"
by BBB - Triple B September 19, 2013
To get shitty or get an attitude with someone. or to be bitter and pissed off, angry, especially when showing disrespect or after been disrespected or humiliated or getting fucked off
goddamnit dont get salty and ill with me mother fucker.
by asdasdasnnn3993 March 29, 2010

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