to be tight, sick or cool. most likely used by northerners ghetto suburban people
yooo kid, i got this ride, is ill
by MatadoR November 19, 2003
Top Definition
cool, tight, sweet
that trick was ill
by matt prigorac April 14, 2003
1. Adj. Feeling under the weather, as with a cold or the flu.
2. Adj. Having great skill or skills with respect to a particular endeavor.
3. Adj. Being particularly depraved, usually with respect to one's selfish pursuits or the manner in which one treats others.
4. v. A more fashionable version of the verb "to chill," i.e., to relax, lounge, to hang out.
1. I'm feeling ill today.
2. "Damn, I'm ill at this game!"
3. "Yeah, so Raekwon tried to steal his chef's hat, and he straight murdered that kid with a soup ladel. He's pretty ill like that."
4. "I'm going to ill out at my house tonight," or "What did we do last night? Oh, we illed out at your mom's place."
by TheTripleBizzle November 28, 2004
1. means Dope, cool, tight, raw, phat, etc.....

2. To be sick
1. Yo that Beat was so ill

2. Those 2 boys there are ill with the flu
by AC December 23, 2003

Urban Dictionary
"Dat ride iz ILL"
by Da Shizzle December 23, 2003
amazing; totally awesome; the best
That new 15" subwoofer is ill!
by Anonymous June 07, 2003
Pills or tablets
Blue ills are ten, Red ills are twenty, the green can't have those..those are for me
by Conrad June 19, 2003
its like saying sweet, cool or sick
oh my god man that car is so ill!!!
by metzner December 17, 2007

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