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u should know that ill means tight and for na na think of the last two letters of vagina.
Foxy Brown has the Ill na na.
by Fuckyallhaters August 10, 2003
Ill means sweet or tight and na na mean it means sweet poontang
Do you see Shannen over there? I banged her, she got the ill na na.
by Kat August 22, 2003
some bad azz wet killer tight azz puzzy
damm that girl had some ill nana
by nikki October 23, 2003
god pussy...ill is good and nana is another name for vagina
foxybrown got a illnana
by bebo August 10, 2003
Ill booty, sick booty, good pootang, yummy vagina
After enjoyable cunnilingus:

Nick: "DAMN! You got the Ill-Na-Na!"
by NickLover July 10, 2008
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