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a very pretty girl if not the prettiest one i know :D, always caring for others, when others are having a rough day she is always there for them, great sense of humor, and has a brilliant ASS!!!!!
ilinca is just simply amazing
by happy days22 April 07, 2013
Ilinca it's a slavic name which is very comon in Romania.Ilinc is the

most amazing girl you can ever encounter. Ilinca is characterized by having a very kind heart and great looks, but what draws the all attention are her beautiful eyes. She may be strange and weird but she's perfect I'm her own way. Once you meet Ilinca you will want to be her friend, you will never get bored of her. She also has the ability to make any guy weak in the knees just by looking at him, yeah she is that awesome and because she's so awesome other girls envy her. Ilinca is the funniest person you will ever know . She can put a smile on your face even though you were very sad before . She always smiles and you can't be upset on her
by Bobox January 06, 2014
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