Short for "I'm Lovin' It" -- From the McDonald's slogan. A way of mocking corporate slogans and your friends at the same time.
you: i just got pulled over for speeding
me: ili
by mememe June 13, 2004
Top Definition
I love it. Ili is an emphatic abbreviation used mostly on the Internets. The world needed another filler for conversations and "lol" gets old fast, so ili was created. Lots of friendly conversations involve liking or loving what the other person is talking about, so "ili" serves a greater purpose than "lol" (since almost nobody literally laughs out loud whilst lolling). ili = i love it OR i like it, but the former is used most often (for more emphasis).
Person #1: I just got the new Adele album and it's absolutely AMAZING!

Person #2: Omg, ili too!
by DoctorKG November 20, 2011
Damn, shift is to close to enter

ILI- I'm laughing internaly. Cause you know, no one really laughes out loud when they put LOL
by XCErT October 22, 2003
ili - short for “I'm laughing inside.” or “I laugh inside”.

Response to a humorous comment used as an alternate for the ubiquitous LOL; thus the lower case and no exclamation point.
LOL! Wait, I didn't really laugh out loud; ili.
by mbk3357 December 29, 2010
I'm laughing internally
A substitute for "lol".
I saw a duck swallow a gumbal, ili!
by Diotro October 22, 2003
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