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'i kinda like you'

a texting word.

when somebody secretly wants to tell someone they like them without it being obvious. Sort of making it more of a secret so the person HAS to keep asking what it means.
Boy- Hey:)
Girl- Hi.
Boy- ikly..
Girl- Huh? Ahaha.
Boy- Oh Nothing..(;
Girl- TELL ME.
Boy- I'll keep it a secret ;D
Girl- I'm going to figure it out...
Boy- Go for ittttttttt:)
by The Chick With A Problem. August 17, 2011
"I kinda like you"

Most people use ily but if you don't love the person and don't 100% like them you use "ikly" if you don't want it to be that noticeable
Meagan: Hey
Jaden: Hi...
Meagan: You wanna sit together at the assembly?

Jaden: Sure... Ikly
Meagan: What??
Jaden: I kinda...
Meagan: like you?
Jaden: yeah
by m_kenney18 April 16, 2016
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