1. The Canadian version of Ikr(I know, right?), where as Ike means "I know, eh?"

2. A character in South Park. Brother of Kyle Broflovski, and is ironically, Canadian.
Guy 1: "Yo the party yesterday was sooo sick!!!"
Canadian Guy: "Ike?!"

Kyle's Mom: "Kyle, we have to tell you something. Ike... he's Canadian."
Kyle: "WTF NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Hojin :P May 09, 2010
-kid, cousin
Ayo ike, fo real, she look good as a mug.
by spoleze February 15, 2003
Acronym for: Intense Kinetic Eroticism. The ability to turn a girl out without the use of touch.
she was ike'd instantaneously.
by ike March 04, 2005
my name is ike i come from Nigeria, my rhymes are strait up delerious.
Ike you are from Nigeria.
by gay carl December 06, 2004
small in pants even though he denies it. bad at games and basketball even though he thinks he is better than everyone. has extremely big hands, he is gay and his mom is a tui. gets mad when people call him 9 iron cause he claims to be that big
cole is way better in bed than ike. ike is small and non appreciative.
by jakob tres January 24, 2008
a pain in the ass little brother
you little pussy stop being an ike
by obicity November 15, 2006
Annoying fucking parasite. See roach, crabs, herpes, etc. This species tends to latch on to the cool kids and cause an intense hatred that results in total jackassedness.
Oh, shit, I got you good you fucker.

I hate Ike. He is a fucking piece of shit.
by Spencer R December 01, 2004

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