The Canadian version of ikr. Stands for "I know, eh?"
Buddy: "this new maple syrup is GREAT!"
Joe: "ike"

Don: "the leafs rock"
Guy: "dude the leafs ttly suck you hoser"
Bob: "ike"
by Lesath October 09, 2009
The Eisenhower Interchange (mixing bowl for Routes 83, 283, and 322) in Harrisburg, PA.
"...traffic's moving smoothly throughout York County, but in Dauphin County, expect backups at the Ike due to ongoing roadwork."
by Jackee H. December 14, 2007
Used in Pittsburg around the hill district,meaning,hommie,friend,family etc
black person 1:wats good ike
black person 2:oh im jus chillin ike knephs
by lashonda October 15, 2006
v. - 1. to completely dominate, manipulate, control 2. to take over; surmount

Implied in the song "Bound to Ike" on the album "Danger Zone" by Philly-based rap group Tuff Crew
I'll ike the whole scenario, yo!
by "Cool Aaron" Taylor October 26, 2007
a street name for Vicodin pain killers.
I was totally buzzin' off some ikes last night.
by K-Sto October 12, 2007
Ike is a character on Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Every single noob on the planet mains Ike. He is also a vag. The most powerful vag in all the land.
Ike's a goddamn vag.
by TheTane April 11, 2011
nigga, dawg
Ay ike, don't be hatin!
Nephs I'm a gangsta, ike!
Ayo ike, best not be playin around with me ike.
by Jeremy Sutton January 26, 2004
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