The Canadian version of ikr. Stands for "I know, eh?"
Buddy: "this new maple syrup is GREAT!"
Joe: "ike"

Don: "the leafs rock"
Guy: "dude the leafs ttly suck you hoser"
Bob: "ike"
by Lesath October 09, 2009
a person, male or female, that has bangs like Ike Turner on the movie "What's Love Gotta Do With It"
Look at Erica's bangs! Yeah I know she's so Ike.
by Caramel Mama January 24, 2009
when you hit a pipe or bong filled with weed really really hard like when ike hit tina turner
Damnnnn you guys!!! Nikki just iked that shit, man!
by Roger Mattson,nikki woo February 18, 2008
IKE-Acronym, as in I Know Everything
Nick name for the "know it all" person we all know.
Used when a friend knows the answer to everything you ask, or has a better story than you.

You- "I got my car up to 100 mph yesterday"
Friend- " According to "Car and Driver" magazine your car can't go that fast, and I did 110 mph in my car yesterday."
You- "Whatever Ike"
by KmanNY1 April 22, 2008
Used in Pittsburg around the hill district,meaning,hommie,friend,family etc
black person 1:wats good ike
black person 2:oh im jus chillin ike knephs
by lashonda October 15, 2006
v. - To hit a woman in the mouth (i.e. Ike Turner) short for "Ike in the jib"
"Bob's girlfriend cheated on him now he's walkin around like he wants to Ike a bitch."
by John September 15, 2004
The rough come down from Crystal Meth. Crystal meth is also called Tina. Ike Turner beat Tina Turner, so the harsh comedown from Tina can be equated to the beatings Tina received from Ike Turner.
Girl, you did so much Tina last night. You know Ike is gonna be knocking on your door any time now.
by sketchygurl September 16, 2010
I know everything!!!!!!
-did you hear about Kate?
-how did you find out?
by clearly happy! July 28, 2010

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