The Canadian version of ikr. Stands for "I know, eh?"
Buddy: "this new maple syrup is GREAT!"
Joe: "ike"

Don: "the leafs rock"
Guy: "dude the leafs ttly suck you hoser"
Bob: "ike"
by Lesath October 09, 2009
Friend, hommie, dog
What's crakin Ike?
by Tiffany November 09, 2003
He's one of those guys that's an undercover nerd, but he's still adorable, even if he denies it. He's extremely nice and not like most other guys. He can be insecure and a little naive, but he's still a pretty great guy. Many girls see right through him, but he's too cute for others to resist.
You're a jerk. You should be more like Ike.
by dijncsdlgjn December 13, 2010
Strong Category 2 Hurricane that fucked up Galveston, Bolivar, Houston, SADGHsadghsd'ghks THE WHOLE DAMN PLACE!!

and my aunties house!
Hurricane Ike whipped our ass when it blew through Houston.

Hurrican Ike caused the power to go out in my area.
by OMGItsIsaias October 08, 2008
A character from Fire Emblem that uses a 2 handed sword with one hand! He also has blue hair.
Ike is the character that is replacing Marth in Super Smash bros. Brawl.
by Thedarkyoshi August 28, 2007
To bitch slap someone, usually (but not always) someone who you have an intimate relationship with.
From Ike and Tina Turner, a couple notorious for their 'alleged' fighting, especially the physical abuse he gave to her (which he denied doing at all.)
Usually said/used with a sense of false/unrightous indignation.
"Baby, I HATE when you make me, but you best be quittin that shit you is pullin' or else I'm gonna HAVE go off and Ike your bitch ass!!!"
by Omar825 March 21, 2008
Ike- ++Correction Notice++ Let this stand as a correction. Considering that there is already several definitions of this term, I will agree to disagree with what these people have to say.

Ike is a term that was born in the 90s from the people in the Pittsburgh neighborhood, The Hill District. Ike was a member of the Bloods gang who was killed in the lower Hill by a rival gang member. The definition that says his name was used by Bloods only is false. Is has been used by everyone in the neighborhood since he was killed in the early 90s. The man Issac was killed in the 70s and there was no remenance of this man from the people who use this term. The Bloods gang was not in Pittsburgh when this man was killed.

This has changed in the neighborhood from being a tribute to Ike to a common slang term that shows respect for all dead soldiers of this hood. Most people who knew who Ike was do not use this term unless they are truthful and honest about the subject that is at hand. Only people from the Hill are able to say this term. If you dont know what it means dont say it and dont try to define it.
On the Nephs, Ike!
Ay Ike, This bitch said this.....!
What are you saying, Ike?
by Nova25 December 23, 2009
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