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"I just fucked your mom."

classic meaning. used when trying to ignore your friends or saying it because your friends mom is a ditzy blonde whore.

person 1: stir fry unicorns... stir fry unicorns... *laughs hysterically*

person 2: what?

person 1: *laughs and cries*

person 2: ijfym

person 1: *stops* what? *laughs again*

person 2: ijfym

person 1: ...

person 2: ijfym so hard and the dog was watching

person 1: ...

person 2: and he taped it

person 1: ...

person 2:we did it in your bed

person 1: ...

person 2: we left a dvd for you under your pillow

person: i don't wanna touch it *laughs*
by STIR FRY UNICORNS!!!! September 01, 2009
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